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Installing Dentrix on Windows 7 Error

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With tech support costs upwards of $130.00 an hour with Henry Schein’s Dentrix phone support and an unruly annual support fee, finding answers to simple bug fixes can be difficult. With the release of newer operating systems and lack of seamless software integration there is little to no way to get out of making that expensive call. However, here at Help Desk Computer Services we want to share as much information as possible to get you up and running with little cost to you.

We have done several installations of Dentrix and more recently we have been fortunate enough to upgrade our customers to Windows 7. According to Dentrix online, Dentrix G4 is 100% supported and tested working with win 7 – but it’s not, really. We have encountered the same error, in multiple environments, that has an easy fix that we will share with you today.


DENTRIX G4 Productivity Pack 7 Setup ( i3) Error:

DENTRIX G4 with Productivity Pack 6 has not been installed on this computer. This update is intended for use only with computers that already have DENTRIX G4 Productivity Pack 6 installed.
Please install DENTRIX G4 with Productivity Pack 6 before running this update.

Dentrix G4 installation error on Windows 7

When does this error occur?
When you install dentrix G4, the base application, and then run one of the modules, it will ask you to upgrade to the next productivity pack available on the server. The next available update is Productivity Pack 6(PP6) followed by 7, 7.1 and finally 7.2 (at the writing of this a Version 8 is available as well now).

Why does this error occur?
The error happens because the software thinks PP6 is not installed while doing the 7 update when, in fact, it is. Rebooting and re-installing does not work either.

How do I go about fixing the error?

      Step 1. Navigate to where dentrix is installed on the PC, usually: C:\Program Files\Dentrix
      Step 2. Rename the “TUTOR_G4.6″ folder in the Dentrix directory to: “temp” (without quotes)
      rename dentrix folder to temp
      Step 3. In the same directory of Dentrix, locate the executable file “EP.EXE” and run that
      Step 4. Change the path of the database, from the proper location on the server, to the newly created temp file: C:\Program Files\Dentrix\temp
      change the database path to the newly created temp directory
      Step 5. Navigate back to the server data folder for dentrix and locate the installs directory and finish updating PP7, PP7.1, PP7.2 and PP8(if you have it)
      Step 6. After every Productivity Pack has been installed, you may be required to restart your computer a few times, finally go back to the local dentrix directory: C:\Program Files\Dentrix and double click the EP.EXE program again. Change the database path to where it should be, \\serverpath\dentrix\data, and click okay.

You should have a fully functioning Dentrix install on your Windows 7 computer now :)
From all of us here who have spent hours resolving this, we hope it helps you out. If all else fails, contact us!

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May 9th, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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